« can we talk about how funny jake and craig are in the dodge dart ads?? idk if u have seen them but they're funny » — Anonymous

YES OMG I LVOE THEM SO MUCH i’ve never seen them on tv though i had to youtube them but yes those two are great

« hey sorry to bother you but did you answer my ask about the iphone cases? i cant find it because you dont tag the asks :( » — Anonymous

this one? sorry about not tagging asks :( i barely have time to go on computers so i usually answer asks on my phone and i can’t tag them there. and here’s jess’ phone case xx 

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totally forgot to say this but today my yoga teacher went on a tangent about how people need to laugh more in their lives and then she started talking about BROOKLYN NINE NINE and she started talking about how boyle got shot in the ass and he comes back to work on that scooter thing and has one of those picker-upper things and tried to pick his coffee up with it but it totally didn’t work and the coffee just spilled everywhere and she started laughing so hard and nobody (unknowing high schoolers) else found it funny but i was laughing too and people were like ???? and i’m just like you have to watch it ok

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« such a beautiful gif set but i meant something like this: post/61774894532/we-are-a-family-you-cant-choose-who-you-love with a quote at the bottom and captionless gifs hehe. but it is still such a beautiful gif set » — Anonymous

ohhhh ok sorry bb! i’ll try and make something like that soon :) but thank you anyways!

"Schmidt, Nick, Coach, Winston, Jess - sex fist. When you put them all together."

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Let me just get this straight, I take you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you’ll give me back my satchel?

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we’re the millers (2013)

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« Idk if you got my message about the gifset but I am so excited to see what you make :) » — Anonymous

wait what message? if it’s the one about the 8 quote gifs from 401 or whatever idk if you saw but i’m not gonna have time to make it tonight :( i’ll make it right when i get home from school tomorrow though! xx